Olympic Curling

Well I guess its about time I post about Curling, since I have been curling for 17 years and I love the sport.

First, I love the coverage Curling has been receiving even if not on NBC itself.  Everywhere I go people are talking about Olympic Curling; the subway, the bar or just on the street.  For me as a curler the interest in the game is awesome as people are intrigued.  I even find some of the as we like to call it “window skipping” talk entertaining.  However, I will admit when someone who has never played the game tries to argue with me about a shot it aggravates me because these people don’t truly understand the game.  They basically just argue the point the commentators are making/made and to me there is nothing more annoying.  Also, don’t try telling me a shot is impossible to make especially if I have seen the shot made in the past or have made it myself.

As it relates to the US Curling teams both teams are better then they have played and its very disaapointing that they got cold at such a bad time.  However, John Shuster’s comments have annoyed me a bit.  As anyone knows the curlers have all been mic’d during the game’s which is great but some of John Shuster’s comments are just inapprorpiate during a competition of this level and as a representive of USA Curling on the biggest stage the game has ever gotten on National TV.  I know his comments are just in the fun of the game as anyone who curls has made them to teammates before during league or club level play but still his timing is wrong, plus he has not been curling well all week.

Now on to the fans in the Olympic Curling Venue, I love the energy in the building and wouldn’t expect anything less in a curling crazed country.  however, I wish they would be more respectful to the etiquette of the game.  There is nothing wrong with cheering a great shot or your team scoring but the feet stomping and screaming when the opponent is shooting just doesn’t belong.  If you watch golf the gallery never screams during a golfers back swing and the same should hold true during a curlers delivery.

I certainly hope this is just due to the new fan base curling has gained and at future events it will not be like this.  I feel the Olympics have opened a whole new group of fans to the great game and will lead to more curling being broadcast on National TV … perhaps even the worlds later this year with some of the same teams.  Maybe, the crowds will end up just being something curlers have to learn to get used to by pumping in the crowd noise during practice like football teams do.

For anyone looking to get involved in the game in the US check out the United States Curling Association’s website to find a curling club near you.   If you would just love to show your love of the game feel free to get some great curling merchandise by searching the web or checking out this site.

One thing however is for certain, the coverage, the drama and the great curling has been great for the fan base and interest in the game I have played and loved for 17 years!!!

And that’s … From My Mellin!!


Sacred Chow

Well I would normally not blog about this but today I had brunch at Sacred Chow in the city.  It’s a vegan, kosher restaurant and was absolutely amazing.

For me being lactose intolerant but loving breakfast style food this place was a great option.  I had the Banana Bread French Toast and then for desert the Apple Pineapple Fruit Crumble a la mode with Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream.

I highly recommend this place to anyone in NYC whether you are vegan, kosher or not … its a true experience and delicious.  Service may be a tad slow but its worth the wait for the amazing quality of food and the great atmosphere.