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My name is Seth and I am a 30 yr old living and working in the vast wonder of New York City. Often considered by many to be a beer lover and foodies haven with its abundant choices of restaurants and bars with a great selection. Someone once told me that you could eat out for every meal for a year and still not visit every restaurant there is in NYC.

I feel in love with Craft Beer years ago when I visited my first Brew Pub and discovered there was so much more to be had then Budweiser, Miller, Coors, etc … The aromas, the flavors the possibilities are endless and I am always eager to get my hand on a new beer and give it a try and enjoy. I am a huge fan of porters, stouts and wheat beers but also enjoy a good pilsner, IPA and other beer. I approach the vast craft beer world with an open mind and am willing to try just about anything once.

Besides beer my other hobbies include; sports, going to the theater, live shows and Curling. Many people find it fascinating when they hear I curl since it is such a niche sport but I have been doing it for over 18 yrs and love how it allows me to escape everything else around me while on the ice. Its like a stress reliever, just 2 hours of competition, drinks, laughs and fun with great people.

Join me as I give you thoughts about the beer industry, theater, sports and my adventures in home brewing starting soon. I will also go on other random tangents from time to time and look forward to all your comments and thoughts.

Well I hope you enjoy my meanderings as they come straight … From My Mellin!

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