• Tim

    You should check out Brady Walen’s blog, Crafted Social Media, which talks about this subject in depth and on a regular basis.

    He looks at all sorts of examples. Shameless plug: in particular, check out his review of what Pintley is doing to help brewers engage customers:

    • Zoe Geddes-Soltess

      I also really enjoy Crafted. Brady shares a lot of great insight into how craft brewers are using social media, including his own analysis, as well as links to other interesting articles. A great read! As for breweries getting involved in social media, Seth makes a lot of great points. From what I’ve seen so far, craft brewers and craft beer drinkers are one of the most enthusiastic bunches when it comes to social media, and they just seem to ‘get it’. I think one of the keys to this success is that social media and the craft beer community align very closely: Both hinge upon interactions that go beyond marketing a product into shared experiences and developing genuine relationships. Thanks for the article, Seth!

      Zoe Geddes-Soltess

      Community Engagement, Radian6


  • http://www.craftedsocialmedia.com Brady

    There’s no doubt that the consumer-side of the beer community has really embraced social media. Breweries have taken notice, for the most part. Many have realized the opportunity in using social media to enhance their marketing and communications efforts despite the challenges associated with limited marketing budgets. Some have been able to really leverage social media to make meaningful connections and engage with beer drinkers. But as with any industry, some companies are using social media effectively and others are not. I’m still amazed by how many breweries and beer companies have either a.) avoided social media, or b.) never considered using social media. Every beer has a story. And social media gives breweries one more way to tell their stories.

    • http://frommymellin.com/ Seth Mellin

      @Brady, it is true that the consumer’s have embraced it more than the
      breweries. That being said it means that the market and audience for the
      breweries to reach out to and engage is already existing on these
      platforms. I agree I am not sure why so many have avoided or not considered
      using social media, it can provide so much in return I feel. We are seeing
      a shift in the way marketing is done and slowly we see more breweries
      engaging. I hope the numbers increase and they realize social media is an
      experiment of sorts there is no perfect manual on how to use it in my
      opinion. A company will only get out as much as they are willing to put in.

  • http://twitter.com/Goats_Udder Tatiana Peavey

    It’s very true, so many people just feel the need to post without being involved in the community at all. Social Media has truly taken a business and turned them into a “friend” a human that you can interact with… if one doesn’t interact the illusion is tainted and you lose potential customers! I can’t imagine any company NOT having a twitter in this day in age…

    • http://frommymellin.com/ Seth Mellin

      I agree 100% very well said!!

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