• Grilling with Rich

    My beer resolution for 2011 is to try more craft beers with my grilling items! Do you have any suggestions??

    • Seth

      Let us know what you are grilling in advanced and we will try to give you a couple recommendations for pairing.

  • http://potablesandedibles.com Vanessa

    Beer cocktails!! 😀

  • Seth

    My beer resolution is to finally attend a beer pairing dinner with a brewer or cicerone facilitating. Hard to believe but I have never attended a proper beer dinner.

    • http://newyorkaleproject.com Charles Decker

      You and me both, pal.

    • http://newyorkaleproject.com Charles Decker

      My 2011 Beer Resolution is to start doing all-grain homebrewing. Time to ratchet it up from a hobby to an obsession.

      Also, I’m actually going to drink the rare bottles I’m hanging on to. I’m turning into a hoarder. By June, I want Dark Lord, Darkness, Hunaphu’s, Perfect Storm, etc. to be out of my house and in my tummy.

  • http://www.bolerosnort.com Bob

    2011 New Beer Resolution = enter at least 5 different competitions with our brews

    • http://frommymellin.com Seth

      Awesome resolution, I wish you tons of luck and may you win 5 Golds