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To Home Brew or Not To Home Brew

I know a lot of you out there that read my blog because you love craft beer also home brew.  I have brewed once at Brew-on-Premises place in Freehold, NJ call the Brewer’s Apprentice and it was a great time and the beer came out amazing.  I made a Honey Wheat beer with my friend Leigh.  I actually recently found an old bottle that was aging in my parents fridge for at least 6 or 7 years and my dad and I shared it.  Surprisingly, it was still good once it warmed up a little (as was always the case with that brew).  It was full of flavor and aromas that just worked perfect.

Brewing at Brewer’s Apprentice Freehold c:2002

So now the debate is to try it again without the professional help at every step of the way in my small Manhattan kitchen.  On the one side I think it would be a lot of fun and I have met and know some amazing home brewers that I am sure could help teach me some stuff.  On the other hand, i am an awful cook and not very good in the kitchen, leading me to think I would not be very good at brewing.  One of the reasons I am an awful cook being, I can be rather impatient.  However, I also know the amazing aroma that home-brewing would fill the apartment with.

Besides that and forgetting the cost my other dilemma is this.  I obviously love craft beer and I know there is a certain satisfaction that comes from brewing, enjoying and sharing your own beer.  However, with so many amazing craft beers in the world, with tons I am yet to try, is it worth it?  Should I be prepared to possibly toss a significant amount of home brew the first few times? 

These are questions I find myself pondering very often and I often look at different home brew starter kits like the 1 gallon kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop or a starter kit from Northern Brewer.  Maybe, one day soon I will brew a couple batches with a local home brewer get the bug and get into it for myself or maybe I will just decide to dive in.

As of now I am leaning towards brewing once money and time presents itself.  Thanks to Amie (@AmieDM17) Vanessa (@EmpireVanessa) and Chris (@BeachBumChris) who have provided me with a lot of insight and answered a lot of my questions about home brewing.

And that’s … From My Mellin!

  • Vanessa

    I think you're overthinking it!

    If you can reign in your "impatience" for a few batches, and be willing to follow some tried and true recipes verbatim, there is no way you'll be tossing anything! It may not be the best beer you've ever tasted, but I guarantee you'll surprise yourself.

    I just recently busted open the first batch of beer my husband and I made together last October, and it was better than I remembered :)

    I hate the Nike inference, but Just Do It! 😉

  • m1k3k

    i've brewed a few times with Peter from Simply Beer and it turned out great. Including my Bourbon Barrel Aged Double ESB. It was steller. One left in my basement too. I just bought the kit from A bit expensive but has what I need to brew a batch. Need a few more things to do all grain which I'll jump into after a few LME batches

  • Shannon

    So funny – I have been thinking about buying a home brew starter kit non stop for the past 48 hours. I love to cook and I'm not that bad, so I like to think I could pull it off; HOWEVER, like you said, with so many great beers out there, how can I compare in my kitchen? Surely, I'd set myself up for disappointment! I didn't know there were places to go – commercial type places that is – to try brewing your own beers… I think I'll try that first! Thanks for the suggestion… adding it to my list of things to do (and blog about)!

  • Jay Zeis

    No reason to not start.

  • HogBlogger

    Go for it…Try a kit first but I recommend a mini-fridge and some small kegs rather than bottling….You can get lots of this stuff on Ebay pretty cheap and it's less messy than bottling…If you like what you're doing, then you can start bottling it for easier transportation and for gifts…But for home consumption the keg/fridge setup works best

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