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Dogfish Head Fort

My newest review is another one of the off-centered ales from Dogfish Head Brewery.  This time I sampled the Dogfish Head Fort which is brewed with over a ton pureed raspberries.

Dogfish Head Fort

Let’s get straight to the details:
Serving Type: Bottle
Style: Fruit Beer with Belgian Style Ale base
ABV: 18
IBU: 49
Aroma: 10 out of 10
Appearance: 15 out of 15
Taste: 38 out of 40
Finish: 33 out of 35
Total: 96 out of 100

This beer was not as red as I expected from an ale brewed with over a ton of pureed raspberries. Not a bad thing as it still has a very pleasant reddish tint to the color and has a very light head.  It has an amazing aroma no doubt a direct result of the raspberries used to brew the beer.  This particular bottle was brewed and bottled in 2009 so its been aging for a while.  It is a very strong beer and brewed in the style Belgian Ale it is very smooth and pleasant finish.  You definitely get the taste of the raspberries and other spices.  It has a finish close to a strong dry port wine that is pleasant as it lingers on your tongue.  This would definitely be a nice substitute with a rich chocolate dessert instead of a port wine.

This beer is not for the faint of heart and due to its strength its definitely meant to be sipped or shared.  Also, to truly get the aromas make sure to use a wide mouth glass to get all the aromas.

And that’s … From My Mellin!